Our mission statement

The dictionary defines a mission as either a group of people that is given a certain assignment, or the assignment itself. We think that this is a very appropriate definition and we would be delighted to accept your assignment.


Each of us is constantly striving to minimise risk, by planning ahead or by keeping control. And the more turbulent the times become, the harder we all strive. Our answer to this: less alarmism and more caution. Because true security results from the accurate assessment of risk – also in financial markets. You can rely on that. And, of course, on us. 


The term “Cyberspace” – the new region that is emerging between human beings and computers, the digital world – was first used by William Gibson in his science-fiction story “Burning Chrome”, in 1981. This world is now part of our daily lives, even when investing assets. Be curious, because curiosity will help you to see the other side of risk: opportunity.

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