At Smart Family Office Sports, we are your trusted partners in financial management and entrepreneurship. With a customized strategic game plan, we guide you towards success.

Professional Advisory: Objective & Independent

We offer tailored, independent consulting at eye level, customized to the unique needs of each athlete. Our close collaboration with sport management and club officials ensures comprehensive 360-degree care that leaves no stone unturned.


Services Tailored to the Needs of Athletes

A professional sports career poses specific requirements for financial and economic decisions. With our in-depth knowledge, we lay the foundation for long-term success across generations.


As an objective partner, SFO-Sports is dedicated solely to the economic interests of professional athletes and entrepreneurs. While our clients celebrate sporting achievements, we tackle all challenges in the areas of finance, law, taxes, and lifestyle, always tailored to the individual life phase.


Lifestyle Management as a Central Part of Our Advisory

Lifestyle is a defining aspect of our clients' lives and an integral part of their wealth planning. As a trustworthy, independent advisor, we offer recommendations and support our clients in benefiting from their sporting successes in the long run.


Education and Transparency

Through our focus on education and our commitment to transparency, we prepare athletes for the responsibilities that come with fame and wealth. Our tailored workshops and educational programs provide deep insights into modern asset classes and innovative business models, not only preparing athletes for their financial future but also enabling them to be active participants in shaping that future.


Combining theoretical knowledge and practical insights, these workshops enable athletes to make informed decisions and critically evaluate potential investment opportunities. The goal is to develop a profound understanding of various investment strategies, laying the foundation for long-term financial success and stability.

We conduct workshops that introduce eager athletes to the basics of startup investments, from evaluating young companies to understanding the risks and opportunities associated with such investments.

Sport professionals learn how venture capital works, what role they can play as investors, and how they can strategically engage in innovative companies.

In our seminars on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we provide competitors with a solid introduction to the world of digital currencies and explain how to make sensible investments in this volatile market.

With a focus on real estate investments, we show how real estate can contribute to wealth diversification and how to identify high-yield properties.

Our training on private equity imparts the necessary knowledge to invest in non-publicly traded companies, including insights into due diligence processes and the long-term strategy of such investments.


Going the Distance

In addition to strategic advice, we offer a wide range of services to support our sports-related clients. This includes:


Coordinating with tax and legal experts,

Overseeing bill payment services,

Efficient management of cash flow and liquidity,

Providing financial and estate planning,

Trust services, and

Implementing philanthropic strategies.


Our holistic approach strives to provide comprehensive support in all aspects of our clients' financial journey, giving them the confidence to navigate their professional career confidently.


Partnership with Clubs

In cooperation with sports clubs, we offer extensive support through education, workshops, and necessary support structures that are essential for professional athletes off the field.


Discipline and Teamwork

The discipline and the right team that were needed to become a pro is also essential for successful wealth management and the associated responsibility.


Our goal is to promote stability and well-being of the player in alignment with the values of the club. As a multi-family office, we follow the principles of a family office, aiming to provide long-term, cross-generational wealth management and strategy.


Independence and Expertise

Our role as an independent partner means acting exclusively in the interest of our clients, free from the economic interests of third parties.


As entrepreneurs with over 35 years of combined experience in the fields of family office, private wealth management, investment banking, and strategy and corporate consulting, we guarantee optimal representation and protection of our clients' interests.

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