The best of both worlds

What can you expect from Smart Family Office? The best of both worlds. Well-founded knowhow. Pleasure in our work. The enjoyment of meeting people. A good reputation. And – in line with our mission – unorthodox thinking. That’s it.

Philipp Mayerhofer

“Whatever one does successfully, it is a whole series of targeted and sometimes minor decisions that lead to a great outcome….”

Q:What, for you, is a successful day?

P.M.:In one simple sentence: When we use our time and our client’s time wisely and generate visible added value. This is the basis for satisfaction and for establishing long-term client relationships.

Q:Is this also the feedback from your clients?

P.M.:Another great thing about our work is the positive feedback that we receive. If the client trusts us to carry out these sensitive tasks and to manage their investment affairs, then this brings huge responsibility. And it’s a responsibility that we’re happy to accept.

Q:And? Do they do this?

P.M.:Many do. This is the basis. It leads to a marathon of successful sprints or, in other words, ongoing support plus individual issues that emerge more-or-less suddenly and that we deal with – because they have to be resolved.

Q:What do you mean by suddenly?

P.M.:It could be that a client decides to sell part of their company – or that they own a property with a window that doesn’t close. This actually happens; our services are as small or as large as our clients’ concerns. But it can also be the case that we proactively approach our clients with an issue because we recognise that it could offer them potential added value.

Q:This approach seems unusual …

P.M.:And perhaps it is. But this is the benefit of the structure and the size of the Smart Family Office. On the one hand, the ability to successfully deal with major issues and, on the other hand, the absolute dedication to solve the small things too, with enthusiasm. Because it’s often these that make the difference …

Q:In other words, thinking proactively – not just for oneself but also for others? …

P.M.:There are a few key aspects to our relationships with our clients that are really important to us: The first is this long-term, holistic thinking that leads to long-term client relationships. I’ve already mentioned thinking proactively, and acting as a sparring partner in stressful situations is also important. As are our commitments to give 100%, to be independent and to ensure that the client is the focus of all our thinking.
Investment Manager

Norbert Pruckmayr

"Success is not a coincidence, but the product of diligence, persistence, and a sound plan."

Managing Partner Smart Family Office Sports

Alexander Felber

"Figure out where you are and where you want to go. Develop your plan. And then put it into action!"

Accounting & Finance

Angelika Mayerhofer

Investment Analyst

Vesa Zeqiraj